kaddish, a documentary film


Original Film Credits

Produced, Directed, Edited by
Steve Brand

Director of Photography
Robert Achs

Additional Photography
Ed Gray
Aharon Lipitz
John Block
Stuart Math
Barry Markowitz
Alicia Weber
Charles Marcus

Sound Recording
Helene Kaplan
Lawrence Loewinger
David Sperling
Aharon Lipitz
James Proser
Patricia Maxam



The Klein Famly
Yossi Klein
Zoltan Klein
Breindy Klein
Karen Klein Cohn
Glenn Cohn

Leader at Purim Services
Reb Avrohom Isaac Kleinman
Karen Klein’s Fiancé/Husband
Glenn Cohn
New Jewish Times Staff
Jonathan Mark
Israel Lemberg
Ricki Rosen
Elli Wohlgelernter
Edward Newman
Frieda Frankel
Speakers at World Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
President Yitzhak Navon (voice only)
Ernst Michel (voice only)
Benjamin Meed
Prime Minister Menachem Begin
Elie Wiesel
Reader of the Survivors’ Legacy Oath at World Gathering
Norbert Wollheim (English)
Children of Survivors Accepting the Legacy Oath
Mordecai Karasso (Ladino)
Menachem Rosensaft (Yiddish)
Chaim Zlotogorski (English)
Reciter of the Kaddish at World Gathering
Yisrael Lau, Chief Rabbi of Netanya (voice only)


Associate Producer
Robert Rosenberg

Assistant Camera
Barry Markowitz
John Block
Stephen McNutt
Zachary Winestine

Assistant Editors
Alan Dachman
Mayin Lo

Apprentice Editor
Heidi Kaimetz

Sound Editors
Len Morris
Alan Berliner
Marian Hunter
Steve Brand
Ernie Davidson

John Raffo
James Proser

Lincoln Harrice

Production Assistants
Charles Marcus
Alan Dachman
Dania Stager

Production Manager, Israel
Barry Markowitz

Original Music Composed by
Andy Statman

Performed by the Andy Statman Klezmer 0rchestra
Andy Statman (clarinet, mandolin, saxaphone, vocals)
David Steinberg (trumpet, french horn, vocals)
Bob Jones (acoustic and electric guitar, vocals)
Marty Confurius (acoustic and electric bass, vocals)

Recorded at
Classic Sound, N.Y.C. – Chris Brown, Engineer

Karen's Wedding Music Performed by
The Messengers

"Russia" and "Shabbos" sketches by
Barbara Soloway Statman

Maps by
Mayin Lo

The "Friday Night Shabbos" sequence was filmed during daylight hours

Chief Humanities Advisor
Dr. Yael Danieli

Humanities Consultants
Professor Yaffa Eliach
Professor Egon Mayer

Hungarian Jewry Statistics from
R.L. Braham's The Politics of Genocide, Columbia University Press, 1981

Steve Brand
Dr. Yael Danieli
Mara Berkley
Yossi Klein
Robert Rosenberg

StiII Photographs
Steve Brand
John Block
Ricki Rosen
Fred Ritchin
Leslie Barany
The Klein Fami1y

Slide Photography
Central Animation

Archival Stills
National Archives
Yad Vashem
Lohamei Haghetaot
Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry
Jewish Daily Forward

Archival FiIm
National Archives
Sherman Grinberg
NBC News

Jewish Post & Opinion
New Jewish Times
NY Daily News
The Jewish Press
The New York Times

Funding and Publicity Consultant
Chuck Delaney

Legal Advisor
Michael Mayer

R.A. Boyar, Inc.

Sound Mixer
Peter Page

Negative Matching
Lawrence Mischel

Titles and 0pticais
Mel Bashan

Color by TVC

Major Funding Provided by

Patience , Love and Fortitude
Nancy Ertag Brand
Lee Samuel Ertag Brand

This production would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of:
Lillian Steinberg
Bernard Madoff
Henry and Edith Everett
Stephen and Judith Peck
The Arthur and LilIie Mayer Foundation
Peter Scott
Peter Bardach
William Mayer
Breindy Klein Hiller
Michael & Celia Miller Foundation
Dr. Lawrence Hatterer
Betty Williams
Belda Lindenbaum
Nola Safro
Jeanette Sieradski
Brenda Schaefer, HIAS
Mel Bashan
Bernard Chertok
Joel Levitch
Lawrence Mischel

And thanks to:
Jeff Oboler, Director
The Martin Steinberg Center for Jewish Artists - American Jewish Congress
The Group Project for Holocaust Survivors and Their Children
The Center for Holocaust Studies
Yad Vashem
Barbara Hoffman
Terry Lawler, Carmen Ashhurst and the Staff of the Film Fund
Les Crystal
Reuven Frank
Ralph Friedman, Magno Sound
Rosanne Schaefer, TVC Labs
John E. Allen
Glen Richter, SSSJ
Steven Ludsin
Theodore Baumritter
Schweiger-Dobrow Post 498
Clifton Jewish Center
Bernard Christenfeld
Samuel Domash
Irvlng Horowilz
David Kosh
Samuel Jason
Jeff Lasden
Bob Brandt
Mitch Udoff
Dave Ryzman
Adwar Video
Celia Michaels
David and Phyllis Keaton
Bernice Weston
B'nai Israel of Linden Heights
Craig Rivera
Rebecca Cooper Waldman
Sally and Nat Lefkowitz
Leo Frenkel
Rayna Prince
Eliana Sandler
Norman Wachtenheim
David Gurwitz
Marian Hunter
Barbara Van Dyke
Tony Pagano
Georg Zappler
Robert Vervoordt
CMC Video
Video D
Young Filmmakers
Mary Lance
George Nierenberg
Herman Jaffe
Resa Cronin
Alan Berliner

Special Thanks to the Klein Family and the People of Borough Park 


© 1984  Steve Brand, Ways & Means Productions
All Rights Reserved